What We Offer

Office Relocation

At this stage, the office fit out works will be complete and the space will be ready for the final hand over and office relocation stages.

We will issue you with our Office Relocation Checklist, which will ensure you do not forget anything at this crucial phase of the project.

During the hand over stage we will do the following:

  • Ensure commissioning inspections take place
  • Ensure Building Control and all Test Certificates are issued
  • Oversee final snagging
  • Issues the practical completion certificate
  • Arrange for the handover of all As Built Drawings, Health & Safety files and O&M Manuals in hard and electronic format
  • Agree and certify final accounts
  • Issue the final budget report
  • Agree and action the defects liability  period works (6 months after completion)

We will have developed an office relocation strategy and we will assist you in managing and coordinating the move to your new offices.

During the office relocation stage we will do the following:

  • Finalise the office relocation strategy with you
  • Help select the office relocation specialist
  • Ensure the contractor manages the move to the new premises
  • Assist you with the Office Relocation Checklist

Our aim will be to work with you to enable a seamless relocation to take place with minimal disruption to your organisation.