5 Furniture Necessities for Ergonomic Office Design

More and more employers are beginning to understand the benefits of looking after the wellbeing of their employees. In fact, the great British entrepreneur Richard Branson famously said: “look after your employees and they’ll look after your business” – a statement that resonates in the world of space planning and office design.

This includes ensuring that they’re comfortable when they’re working for you, which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of ergonomic office furniture that is guaranteed to be the smartest investment you’ve ever made. Improve the wellbeing of your staff, as well as their productivity, with these five essential furniture pieces:

5. Freedom Task Chair

This stunning piece of design proves that just because something is comfortable, it doesn’t have to be unsightly. Available in several colours and materials, the chair offers a height-adjustable headrest to ensure that one’s head is always supported and secure – perfect for those who spend long hours in front of a computer. The simplicity of the freedom task chair is based on a unique counterbalancing system that uses the employees weight to accurately position them and cater for their movement. Despite first being produced in 1999, you’d still be hard pressed to find a better chair for your employees.

4. Renew sit to stand table oval

Herman Miller’s ergonomic table is both beautiful and flexible. The health benefits of a stand-up desk, however, are extremely surprising. According to Men’s Journal, sitting is the most unhealthy thing you can do and can lead to a 20% drop in good cholesterol, as well as the clumping of red blood cells – as if you needed another reason to purchase such a beautiful design classic.

3. The Handshoe Mouse

According to the manufacturers of the Handshoe mouse, one in six office workers suffer from carpal tunnel. The mouse was created by a Dutch medical university and tested for over two years. The results were so positive that some sufferers of the syndrome even returned to work.

2. Humanscale FM300 footrest

Interestingly, studies have proven that even minor movements throughout the day can promote circulation and increase productivity. Using ball rollers to create a rocking motion that increases healthful circulation, this beautifully designed footrest can rejuvenate tired feet and relieve pressure on the lower back. This makes the FM300 footrest a must-have for any modern office.

1. Soundlight comfort

It would be irrational to have a list of office-improving installations without talking about the general ambience but that’s where Soundlight Comfort lighting comes in. Technology giants Philips have collaborated with Ecophon to create innovative lighting that softens sound and produces optimal light levels, creating a synergetic effect that creates a unique comfort. Finally, the office strip light is no more.

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