6 Bevis Marks, EC3

4,908 sq ft


Client Objectives

The Client was keen to acquire a more dynamic space for their expanding team in a forward-looking London location so as to both improve the working environment and better reflect the company ethos. A move towards a more flexible working space, and use of the latest technologies, would better enable their project based work structure, including facilities to allow staff to move freely and socialise, were all essential to achieving the Client’s aims.

The Project

Interactive Space was appointed to provide space planning & design and project management services in order to assist Accuracy in achieving the best possible value whilst maintaining the highest quality standards. A wide range of options investigated with the approach being led by a design, which would enable the vision for a more dynamic environment. Materials and niches were carefully balanced against requirements so that the Client’s budget could be best focused on those areas, which would deliver the greatest impact, including a large cafe style break-out space for staff and a series of flexible meeting or touch down workspaces.