Dare Digital


13 - 14 Margaret Street,
London, W1

11000 sq ft


11000 sq ft

The Project

The relocation to a local building, of 11,000 sq ft, to accommodate the significant expansion of this highly successful website design company.

Client Objectives

To move people into a new office as quickly as possible in order to take the pressure off the existing space in which it was becoming impossible to accommodate the ever increasing Staff numbers.

The image and style of the new space needed to reflect that of the old building ie a high tech business operating in an industrial style environment but at the same time providing good Client presentation facilities and a professional working environment.

Key Facts

The occupation of 2 floors of the building by Staff within weeks of exchange of contracts.

The completion of the refurbishment and fitting out of the rest of the building (2 further floors) with Staff in occupation.

The installation of a new spiral staircase between floors in order to improve communications between project teams.