Salamanca Group


50 Berkeley Street,
London, W1J


Located on the top floor of a prestigious building at 50 Berkeley Street, this project has a long, narrow floorplate. A high quality finish within the interior was paramount, as the level of design had to match the high levels of investment the bank deals with.

Client Objectives

The Client required a series of bookable areas to give this office space a hospitality feel. The reception needed to have the same light, hotel-like atmosphere. Confidentiality is important as the bank’s customers include many high net worth individuals and the meeting room suite was planned with this in mind.

Key Facts

There are 18 meeting rooms, which have their own bespoke carpet design. The colour scheme is very subtle with mostly beige and grey tones. A breakfast bar, consisting of a 9 metre stone counter, seats 40 – 50 people and has proved a popular place for Staff to use. Materials used include travertine, bronze and special veneers, plus wallcoverings such as polished plaster from Armourcoat. There are hand-finished bronze effects on the archways and portals to give a feeling of solidity. Flooring is a mix of vinyl and timber. The boardroom is set aside from the rest of the floorplate and has its own balcony.