Interactive Hosts Seminar: Art in the workplace

Interactive Hosts Seminar: Art in the workplace

In September 13, Interactive Space hosted a seminar at the Institute of Directors on Art in the Workplace.

Research has demonstrated that the workplace can significantly affect job satisfaction, motivation, creativity, mood and productivity. Various aspects of the workplace have been isolated for individual consideration, but have tended to be the easily measureable aspects like temperature and air quality. However, there is emerging evidence that other less tangible and more subjective aspects of the workplace should also be considered. One such aspect is the installation of Artwork.

A recent survey, of over 2,000 staff, reported that Art had a very positive impact on increasing their creativity, productivity and enhancing morale by reducing stress and broadening employee appreciation of diversity. Overall, 82% of respondents felt that Artwork was very important in the workplace.

In particular choice in the design of the workplace was very strongly correlated with satisfaction. The more choice people had in the design of their workplace, including the artwork installed, the more satisfied they were.

Why not come along to the next Seminar in 2014 to understand more about this fascinating topic?

Email for more information. Below is some of the feedback we got from the event in September:

‘Very informative and enjoyable in a relaxed atmosphere’- Brian Moore Novae Group

‘Informative’- Philip Richards- Ostroumoff

‘Many good examples and points to consider for future move’ Antje Haberkern Asset Control

‘Thank you for organising an interesting event’ Kim Gozzett- Pension Insurance Corporation

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