Office Reception Design Ideas

The importance of a well-designed reception area cannot be understated: a service point for guests and clients, an office’s reception area is where your visitors will form their first impressions of your company. The reception desk is an opportunity to generate and escalate interest in your company’s services or products. The style of a reception desk’s design will vary according to the industry or brand of a company; no longer will a universal, generic desk area suffice for your business. From interviewees to clients, your visitors will judge your company from the outset of their visit, so it pays to make sure your reception area represents your business’ brand in the best possible light. Here, we outline three Interactive Space case studies to exemplify the diverse possibilities of reception space design and underpin the importance of space analysis in your office.

Confidence and Character

A powerful first impression can be easily achieved with a bold, characterful design. Offering a talking point and even an ice-breaker, it will effectively communicate your brand’s creativity and sense of professionalism before you’ve even had to say a word. Visitors to Synergy Vision are met with a bright, welcoming colour scheme and quirky features, including a futuristic seating area and a striking giraffe floor lamp – both unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry, and perfect for enforcing the company’s unique, forward-thinking identity. An immaculate, stylish layout coupled with daring design is a winning combination when you want to display your creativity and get noticed.

office reception design ideas interactive space

Sophisticated Comfort

Irrespective of what your company offers, taking cues from the hospitality industry can help to engender feelings of trust and composure in potential clients. A reception desk with a hotel-like ambience will put visitors at ease, and provide them with the impression of sophistication and competence. In order to achieve this, a successful design will incorporate luxury furnishings, and will be finished with such adornments as fresh flowers, plants and works of art. The designers of The Salamanca Group project had this design goal in mind when the interior of the company’s Berkeley Street office was conceived. They wished to provide a calm, confidence-inspiring waiting area for their high-net-worth clients – something that is achieved by the elegantly muted colour scheme and plush fixtures. Seamlessly following the same theme into the main office spaces and meeting areas gives the whole design a tranquil and cohesive feel.

office reception design ideas interactive space

Opulence and Efficiency

Sometimes it’s the classic, timeless formulas that work the best for reception areas: beautifully designed high quality fittings, a simple layout and efficient storage to banish any clutter. The sleek, stylish reception at Byrne & Partners fully showcases the merits of keeping things simple; in their open-plan office, the bespoke reception area acts as a main meeting point, and embodies the brand’s personality with its clean, calm and futuristic appearance. When this approach is taken, reinforcing your brand through design takes on a more subtle character, with simple company colours and clear placement of your company name and logos.

office reception design ideas interactive space

Creating a successful reception area for your workplace is simple and effective. Interactive Space analyses space and considers a company’s image to design the perfect welcome space for your valued guests. Contact one of our experienced professionals to discuss your project.

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