Office Relocation: Things to Consider

Whether resizing, restructuring or rebranding, office relocation is often a necessary phase in the development of a business. Naturally, companies are likely to start small and need space and resources to expand as they grow. This can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it’s important to consider every step before you begin your transition. As the industry-leading provider of professional services, Interactive Space understands the importance of preparation. Read our guide on office relocation for a breakdown of things to consider before the move.

  1. Plan Thoroughly

One cannot overstate the importance of establishing a thorough plan: clear project planning is the key to a seamless and successful office relocation. Though it may be time-consuming, good planning before you begin the process of moving will most likely save you time, money and valuable resources later on. As the saying goes: measure twice, and cut once. As far as possible, as a business you’ll want to continue running without interruptions during your transition, and this can only be achieved with scrupulous planning. Identify any possible risks ahead of time and outline strategies for overcoming them, so you’ll be able to manage obstacles quickly should you encounter any. You’ll also want to take the time to create a detailed brief that answers the following questions: why you are moving? And what do you want to achieve from the change or refurbishment of your current workspace? At Interactive Space, we pride ourselves on delivering a plan of action which fulfils your specifications to the letter.

  1. Assess The Space

You’re looking to relocate for good reasons, so make sure you’ve got these in mind when you’re choosing your new address. Will you be expanding? Might you need room for more employees in the future? Do you require a larger and more impactful reception area or client meeting room? Consider the changes which will be most beneficial to the future of your business, and select accordingly. An impressive postcode will be worth little if you find you’ve not left yourself any room for future ventures and changes. Prioritise the most important factors for the growth of your business, and endeavour to fulfil these in your new premises.

  1. Financial Planning

It is vital to set a clear budget, detailing the individual areas of expenditure. Be realistic about your goal and save space for the small things which add up quickly, such as additional furnishings and artwork which will bring your new space to life. Research contractors carefully, and ask for references from other, similar businesses before you commit to a particular company. Also, consider your timing: if your business has times of peak trade during the year, strategise so the most disruptive parts of your move are well outside your busiest periods.

  1. Consult stakeholders, and keep everyone in the loop

Depending on the size of your organisation, your plans to relocate are likely to affect a number of your staff, particularly if your move will impact on their journey time, for instance. Making sure everyone is informed well in advance, and calling on your teams to add their suggestions and input about what they want from their new environment will mean you can take every employee’s needs into account and reduce the risk of conflicts down the line.

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