What We Offer

Office Space Analysis

Office projects have several key stages, but our team of accredited space analysis experts can guide you through them. Although you can engage Interactive Space at any stage, the earlier we talk the more value we will add with our forward-thinking office space solutions.

We undertake a detailed space analysis of your business and investigate issues such as:

  • Future plans
  • Expansion / consolidation
  • Current structure
  • Culture and image
  • Productivity and performance
  • Communications
  • Working methods
  • Environment
  • IT strategy

Where are you now and where do you want to be? How does your office fit in with your ambitions? These are important questions that our consultants seek to answer to provide you with your ideal corporate office solution. We take account of how you work, the processes you use, and your future plans to inform our strategy to see if you’re making the best possible use of your space.

By ‘getting under the skin’ of your organisation, we identify what is working well and where things can be improved. An in-depth space analysis is a fundamental element of the workplace design process. With Interactive Space, it is a seamless process. We consider every aspect of your organisation, from people to furniture, to ensure maximum productivity and value.

For maximum workplace optimisation, our designers draw up plans that take account of the structure of the room and its main focal points. They determine what could balance these elements and utilise the space according to its purpose, natural light and existing furniture. This helps us to define and agree the workplace design budget.

There is an optimum location, size and type of office that will allow your people to work most efficiently and we define this for you by examining:

  • Processes
  • Space standards
  • Storage and filing
  • Workplace efficiency
  • Furniture
  • Environment

There is no better way to enhance the performance of your business. Through office space analysis, interviewing and evaluation, we create the best design of workplace environments to integrate people, workflow process and technology.