Building Control

We will have already consulted our Approved Inspector at the space planning stage and so will have the F10 Notification of Construction Project ready for submission to the Local Authority. This is a requirement of Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.

Ensuring that the project is fully compliant with fire and building regulations and the requirements for Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is addressed from the outset.

Landlord Approval – Licence to Alter

Submission of the proposed alterations plans at the earliest juncture is critical. Our strong advice, and standard practice, is to produce the Application for Licence to Alter to be approved with the lease documentation and, in fact, have the signing of the lease dependent upon at least ‘in principle’ agreement to the proposed alterations.

Failure to get the landlord to approve the works prior to the lease being signed puts the client in a precarious position.