What We Offer

Cost Control

Interactive Space is proud to have achieved a great deal of repeat customer business. It wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have a proven track record in effectively managing the costs of projects. We take a bespoke and collaborative approach to delivering your ideal work environment on budget. We agree on the budget with you at the space analysis stage and use value engineering techniques to control costs throughout your office relocation project. Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of our business practice so we always advise you if a decision will have an effect on cost before we proceed.

We provide a detailed breakdown of costs with independent advice on all aspects of a project from inception to completion by providing experienced management resources to your office relocation project. Our client-focused design approach ensures you are involved in every decision relating to cost control.

Value for Money

Our strong market presence and reputation means we get maximum budgetary advantage at all stages of the project. We tender the various elements of the project to top-quality suppliers and contractors, who understand that Interactive Space expects the best products and services at the most competitive prices.


We advise which of the four main contract types are most appropriate for your needs:

  • Traditional

Design is undertaken by an architect and the contractor is provided with the design and must build the works in accordance with it.

  • Design and build

This start-to-finish office relocation project option offers you the simplest and most efficient way to relocate your office. It is based on an arrangement where we create, manage and complete the office design project. The contractor provides works that are fit for purpose.

  • Management

The contractor is appointed to manage the construction of the project rather than build it, but you have a dedicated project manager as a main point of contact.

  • Design, manage, construct

The contractor is appointed to manage the construction of the project through a series of trade contracts. This contact is good for complex or rapid construction because construction work is able to be started before the design is finished.

Rest assured that whatever contract you choose, we can advise you on cost control.