What We Offer

Office Furniture Selection

As a leading workplace solutions company, Interactive Space knows the influence that high-quality workplace furniture can have on a company’s success. The design, aesthetics and ergonomics are all important factors. However, our office furniture specialists understand that office decor encompasses much more than desks and chairs; that’s why we lead the way in fitting out kitchens, breakout zones boardrooms, receptions, training areas and meeting rooms.

In the past 35 years, we have pioneered many workplace trends. Hot-desking, open plan workstations and modular furniture have become commonplace but at one time they were new concepts that we led the way with. Today, we apply our ingenuity and creative skills to provide bespoke solutions for the modern office.

The correct selection of office furniture can incorporate brand personality and reflect the business’ culture. Interactive Space’s corporate office experts ensure that the many elements of workplace furniture, from lighting to furniture placement, come together unobtrusively in an environmentally-friendly way.

Our team of office furniture specialists create unique environments where employees can informally meet, share knowledge and collaborate. This creates a sociable, friendly and happy office space, which in turn boosts morale and increases productivity.

With so many furniture ranges to choose from, our extensive experience can be invaluable for selecting a supply that optimises your workspace. Our office furniture specialists make sure that the proposed furniture fits perfectly with the overall design scheme at the best possible prices.

Trust us to manage, deliver and install new workplace furniture to ensure it is in line with your business objectives.