What We Offer

Future Workplace Support

Interactive Space’s client-focused approach means that your relocation to new premises is never the end of our relationship. Undoubtedly, your business will continue to change and we are on hand to advise you regarding future workplace solutions and new regulations as an ongoing client service.

Any office relocation or reorganisation is a complicated series of tasks that needs to be coordinated professionally to achieve the best result. Interactive Space is at the forefront of the industry, continually striving to create bespoke solutions to new problems.


Our Promise

At Interactive Space we treat every project as an opportunity for our clients to improve business performance. We promise to meet your objectives on each project.

The working environment is intricately connected to the efficacy and reputation of your business. Benefit from our workplace support services and maximise value on investment by promoting better health, wellbeing and productivity in your employees’ daily lives. This ultimately has a knock-on effect on staff recruitment and retention. Watch as your bottom line increases and your brand grows with our workplace support and advice.

We have a proven track record of helping workplaces to flourish as business evolves. We take our commitment to optimising your office space seriously and are always available to provide innovative workplace solutions.