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Space Planning & Design

Interactive Space is at the forefront of office space planning and design. Not only do we offer innovative and bespoke solutions to our clients, but we also drive down occupancy costs through our insider knowledge and connections. Having helped you select the right space, our office designers develop detailed space plans to define staff seating allocation and ensure that your business will operate with maximum efficiency.

Businesses have different interior design needs and space planning requirements as they continue to grow or downsize. We can bring order out of uncertainty or chaos! Our office designers help companies optimise the space they have or oversee a seamless office relocation.

Don’t wait for lease expiry and overcrowding to force the situation. Our office design consultants and project managers can invigorate a company from its office location all the way to its brand recognition. A good office space keeps staff happy, but a great office space becomes a catalyst for improved business practices involving frontline staff all the way up to leadership.

Interior Design

Space planning is only one element. Our designers are visionaries and can transform the mundane into inspiring workplaces that everyone clamours to work for. We create office interior designs that take account of everything from colour psychology and your branding to your tastes and technological requirements. We get inside your company’s mindset to portray the right image to your people and clients. Our insightful designers create environments that stimulate and motivate staff. Research has shown that even the most subtle changes in a work environment can increase employee engagement, morale and motivation. We are pioneers in workplace trends and implement changes such as better lighting, high-quality ergonomic furniture and better-designed spaces.  

Detailed Office Design

In this stage, our highly-skilled office designers will bring best practices in workplace design to life. We’ll draw office plans and brief specialist contractors. From project managers to contractors, our team pools their talent to work as a unified collective working to schedule and turning the design into reality. We will also prepare the documentation needed to gain Landlord and Building Control approvals, taking care of all the complicated paperwork.

Interactive Space is forward thinking. We incorporate the latest trends and best practices in space planning for your new office design. We adapt popular office designs and pioneer new ones, which cover but aren’t limited to modular furniture, integrated technology, occupancy levels, hot-desking and breakout zones. Our office designers will plan your new workplace to maximise space and staff satisfaction.

Interactive Space leads the way with ‘green’ designs too. Our Environmental Policy addresses sustainability issues and best practice product specifications.