People, premises and technology are generally the highest costs in any business and so understanding how they interact is essential to the optimisation of these assets.

Our Team uses proven tools and processes to gather, analyse and report on the utilisation of space, technology and facilities as well as the behavioural / cultural aspects of the business.

We examine how your workplace is performing and advise you on:

  • Getting the best from your space
  • Making your space attractive to your people and your Clients
  • Flexible, agile and hybrid working to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Space standards for each job function and hot desking
  • Creating new environments that are stimulating to your people – particularly relevant with home workers
  • Improving communications and collaboration
  • Image and style to suit your culture.
  • Reducing property costs

Our consultancy work improves the efficiency of space, enhances collaboration and communication between teams, resulting in improved people retention and people attraction.