Trends in Office Interior Design

As the ever-advancing digital age and ways of modern-day life continue to change the face of what the ‘perfect’ office looks like, we examine today’s trends in interior office design and discover the spaces that ‘work’ in 2016.

In and Out

Taking inspiration from nature, there is a clear nod towards blending outdoor textures with indoor design. Wood and marble sit beautifully alongside brass, copper and concrete flooring, while large, sharp glass panels sit alongside exposed brickwork and an abundance of greenery. The result is a modern, edgy feel far removed from the stripped back offices of old. Warm and inviting, this trend encourages you to mix and match in every aspect of the office.

Lighting is also key here. It is one of the most important elements in encouraging employee satisfaction and increasing productivity, therefore, it is best to let in the natural light wherever possible. Combined with greenery, it is said to bring the senses to life and inspire creativity. EDC Communications, in London’s West End, reflects this call to nature, with faux grass flooring and wooden picnic-style tables blended with concrete and exposed wires. A clear example of an ‘industrial meets natural’ aesthetic.

It’s oh so quiet

In this time of social media, and with it a tendency to share everything with everyone, workers are crying out for some ‘me’ time – a space to go where they can either concentrate on work, or simply relax and regroup. In the office environment excessive noise can be an issue, therefore, in 2016 office interior designers tend to select materials that block excessive noise. You could even go so far as to create ‘zones’ for quiet working, and designate areas solely for interactive discussion. This way, everyone’s needs are met: those who need time alone, and those who need space to collaborate.

Moving with the times

Today, standard cubicles are practically a thing of the past, with the need for multi-functional spaces and furniture becoming ever more apparent. Non-assigned seating is quite normal, with oval shaped desks popping up regularly, ideal for impromptu meetings and casual discussion. Height adjustable tables are also proving popular, great for standing meetings, or simply for the worker who doesn’t want to spend seven hours sitting at a desk. The latest office furniture is designed to be made up of many moveable elements to give added functionality.

There’s no place like home

Lighter, powerful, wireless technology has made working from anywhere – be it home or the coffee shop – something that can be done with effortless ease. So how do we tempt people into the office? By creating a space that offers up home comforts, subsequently stimulating relaxed collaboration. Thus, dedicated lounge areas, which encourage effortless conversations, are becoming the norm in many offices.

Colour them Happy

Studies suggest that a clever use of colour in the office space boosts happiness, productivity and creativity of the employees. As a result, many modern offices have brightly coloured pieces of furniture, statement walls and vivid works of art. This trend is beautifully showcased in the case of the office for Brand Opus, in London, a showstopping space with vibrant colours reflecting their identity throughout, covering walls and floors, desks and chairs.

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