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Workplace Consultancy

Interactive Space is the industry leader in workplace consultancy. We examine how your workplace is performing and advise you on:

  • Getting the best results from your space
  • Reducing property costs
  • Departmental adjacencies
  • Space standards
  • New ways of working to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Creating new environments that are stimulating for your people
  • Improving communications
  • Image and style

Workplace Consultancy is the first and most important step to successful office design and performance. Our workplace consultants will build a solid foundation so you can be sure your new office supports your business both now and in the future. Interactive Space’s workplace consultants collaborate with clients to ensure the best bespoke solution for the needs of your organisation. Interactive Space will work with you to ensure a good workplace strategy is in place and solve any problems with flexibility and due diligence. We focus on your operational processes, values and organisational culture and endeavour to make your company somewhere that employees and new recruits want to work.

We are pioneers in new technology and are on hand to advise you on the best furniture, fittings and technology to meet the needs of each space and enhance communication within your organisation. We’re not just up-to-date with the latest industry trends and environmentally-responsible methods for workplace optimisation, we’re leading the way with our innovative processes.

Our workplace consultants maximise value on investment and promote better health, wellbeing and productivity. Simply put, your staff will be happy and talented new recruits will be inspired to work for your organisation.

If you want to benefit from our unrivalled industry insight, please get in touch with our expert team of workplace consultants.