Founded in 1997, Interactive Space is an
award-winning specialist in commercial office projects.

Relocating or reorganising? INTERACTIVE SPACE helps you relocate or re-organise your offices. We are specialists in this field and assist you in making the all important decisions, in a logical sequence.

We take total responsibility for your project from the initial brief through to moving into your new offices and beyond.

Our coordinated management approach delivers a unique solution to every project. We manage the entire programme and remain accountable to you throughout always delivering on time. You can continue to run your business with no distractions

“Our aim is to help you select, plan and design the best working environment that will serve your organisation better than before“

As specialists in office projects, INTERACTIVE SPACE offers expertise in four areas:

  • Workplace Consultancy — helping you plan your space for maximum efficiency.
  • Design — creating environments where your people can function at their best.
  • Project Management — controlling every aspect to deliver your objectives on time.
  • Cost Control — ensuring you get value for money at every stage.